Did you know that students can win scholarships in canada if they are talented, academically merited and have financial need? Yes, there are many scholarships in canada available for international students who want to study or who are already studying in canada. These programs help them by providing aid in the form of money and other benefits to students as well as residency and employment opportunities to immigrants. This article focuses on some of these scholarship opportunities, along with information about how to apply for these generous offers.

What is Canadian Scholarship?

Canadian scholarships are offered by the Canadian government, universities, and private organizations. The Canadian government offers many scholarships to international students. The scholarship programs are available at different levels, depending on the level of study you are pursuing.

The most common type of Canadian scholarships is the Study Permit Exemption Program (SPEP). It is an initiative to encourage international students to study in Canada. Under this program, international students will be exempted from paying tuition fees for their first year of study at a Canadian university or college.

The Government of Canada also offers a number of Post-Graduate Scholarships for international students who want to pursue further studies in Canada after completing their degree abroad. These awards are offered through various institutions such as: Royal Society of Canada Doctoral Research Award and Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship Program (CGS).

The other type of scholarship offered by the Government of Canada is the Post-Secondary Education Sustainability Fund (PSESF) which provides funding for post-secondary institutions across Canada so that they can provide quality education opportunities for students from low-income families or those with disabilities who may otherwise not be able to afford post-secondary education without financial assistance

Different types of scholarships in canada?

There are many types of scholarships in Canada. They are based on your academic performance, financial need and personal achievement.

There are some general scholarships available for anyone who meets the criteria. These include:

Alberta Centennial Bursary

Alberta Distance Learning Student Award

Alberta Graduate Scholarship

Canada Summer Jobs program funding

In addition to these general scholarships, you may be eligible for a specific scholarship if you meet the requirements. Scholarships can be based on your area of study (for example, if you’re studying engineering), or they may be awarded to students from certain countries (such as China). Some scholarships require you to have a specific GPA or must be taken at a specific university or college. Some require that you be a member of a particular organization (such as Rotary International).


When it comes to studying abroad in Canada, there is a wide array of opportunities available from many different programs and organizations. International students looking for a chance to travel abroad and to study in Canada should browse through as many scholarship opportunities as possible and reach out to as many resources as they can. Doing so will increase the likelihood that international students have greater chances of finding scholarship money to help with their education costs.

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