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Syngonium Pink Splash

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Syngonium Pink Splash is a strong grower and requires a very large container. The leaves are dark green, glossy and long, arranged in a rosette pattern. It has a small white flower at the base of each leaf.

Syngonium Pink Splash


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About Syngonium Pink Splash

 Syngonium Pink Splash is a beautiful plant with rich, dark green leaves and deep red flowers.

Syngonium Pink Splash will do just that if you’re looking for a plant that will add color to your home. It has large leaves that are dark green in color, but the edges of each leaf have a bright red stripe. This plant also produces small white flowers that have an orange center. The flowers grow on long stems above the leaves.

The plant is one of the most popular varieties of plants in the world today. It’s easy to grow and maintain and it’s also known as an easy-care plant due to its tolerance of neglect. You can even find this plant at many grocery stores because it’s often sold as a houseplant or gift item!

How to Propagate Syngonium Pink Splash

In the wild, SPS grows on trees and in the rainforest. It has large leaves that are dark green with a pinkish hue. The flowers are white and grow in clusters on the underside of the leaves.

If you want to grow your own SPS plant at home, start purchasing a fully grown plant from a reputable vendor. Your local garden center should have plenty of options for you to choose from.

Once you have decided on which type of SPS you would like to grow, take it home and place it in an area where it will receive indirect sunlight throughout most of the day. The best time for this is when it’s cooler outside—between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit (15-21 Celsius). If you live somewhere where it gets particularly hot during the summer months (80 degrees Fahrenheit or above), try placing your plant under an air conditioner to stay closer to 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15 Celsius).

Your next step is finding a suitable container for your new plant! You can use anything from plastic pots or clay pots with drainage holes drilled into them; however, if you plan on keeping this


When Does Pink Splash Syngonium get pink?

 Pink splash Syngonium starts as an all-green plant. It takes about six months for the plant to develop its mature coloration, which includes pink splashes on each leaf.

How often should you water the plant?

 The Syngonium Pink Splash is a tropical plant, so it needs to be watered regularly. We recommend that you use room temperature water and a watering can with a rose attachment to water your plant.

The soil should be kept moist but not wet, so avoid overwatering. If you notice the leaves beginning to droop or the color of the leaves turning pale, it’s time to water.

If your plant is outdoors, it will need watering more frequently than if it were indoors.

What are the requirements of Temperature and Humidity?

 Syngonium Pink Splash is a tropical plant that requires warm, humid conditions. It prefers temperatures between 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels of 50%-80%. The ideal humidity level increases as the temperature go up.

If your Syngonium is getting too much light, it will produce small white dots on its leaves. This is called “sunscald,” and sunburned parts of the leaf tissue cause it. If this happens, move your plant to a shadier location.

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